5 Ways to Set Intention in Your Life

5 Ways to Set Intention in Your Life

By Emily Pearl

5 Ways to Set Intention in Your Life

Hi friends! I have felt an urge to check out entirely lately. I am a person with a very large heart and I can feel emotions very strongly. With everything currently happening in the world right now from civil rights movements and a global pandemic, I have felt absolutely drained of any creative or societal energy. This drain began to make me want to check out, watch a movie, and ignore what was happening around me. 

My main goal in life is to spread joy, justice, and love to those who I come in contact with. I want people to feel like they are accepted, worthy, and loved. This mission can feel impossible and feel hard when the world seems to be divided violently and traumatically in two. Despite this urge to separate from the world and to check out entirely, I have made it a priority that I am going to stay intentional, joyful, hopeful, and engaged in the world and my own life. I wanted to share the 5 active steps I am taking in my life with you all in case it may help some of you bring intentionality back into your daily routine! 

1. Set Your Daily Rhythm 

I once went to a conference where the speaker said that we are all ruled by certain rhythms. Whether your rhythm is joy, hatred, grief, sorrow, we are all ruled by them. Rhythms in our life control how we move and dance through our day. He spoke about how we can be intentional of what we set our rhythm to. If we aren't, the world can set us to its rhythm of division, hatred, and confusion. Everyday I try to be intentional with the media I consume, the music I listen to, and the people I interact with on social media. I set my rythm to Christ. This could be as simple as listening to your favorite worship album in the morning to put your mind in a place of praise or it could be doing a random act of kindness to bring joy to stranger. The things we do determine the rhythms of our lives. They allow our moods and attitudes that can often feel uncontrolled to come out of a different place than our sometimes dark hearts. How will you take hold of yours today? 

2. Listening to Real People Share Their Stories 

For me, the media can be daunting and confusing. It feels as though we are consuming things through 14 different filters. Something that has impacted the way I view what is happening right now in the Black Lives Matter movement is seeking out creators and media outlets that are sharing real stories told by real people. Statistics can be daunting and turn people into numbers. Watching the real emotions and stories that people are brave to share has allowed me to humanize the terror that I see and allow me to become deeper connect and form more empathy towards others. If you feel like all you've heard is arguments over statistic and that feels draining on you, I would highly suggest you seek out people discussing their real lived experience. Although this isn't always less draining, I find it more intentional and easier to grasp what is happening in a very real way. 

3. Practice Creativity for the Sake of Creativity

The nature of my job means that I have parameters on my creativity. To keep up my business, I have to preform creative acts everyday. This can take energy and joy out of creating. I have found that creating for the sake of creating and nothing else can restore joy to my heart and remind me of the creator who created us. Although creativity may not be a part of your everyday work, creating for the sake of it can allow you to break the cycle of your daily routine and learn about yourself and the world through art. You don't have to be "good" or a professional to gain benefits from this. It could be as simple as drawing a simple drawing or taking photos of beautiful flowers or creating a piece of jewelry. Times of creating can open your mind to different thoughts, feelings, and connections that can be expressed through your creation. 

4. Show Gratitude

For a while in high school, when I struggled with anxiety, I would list 100 reasons I was grateful. This is excessive and I no longer have time to list out a 100 reason why I am grateful, I always have time to list 3 or 10 reasons. Practicing intentional gratitude always helps to bring me up out of a funk and bring me joy for the day. If you are struggling for joy today, try to think of blessings and most of the time you will find some joy! 

5. Talk to Others

To me this is the most important way to set intention in your life. Talk to people about your struggles, your hopes, your dreams, or anything. Get what is in your head making you feel trapped out to those who love you. If you are feeling bogged down by the world, let people around you know that and maybe talking about practical ways to aid others can help. Talking about your dreams may open up doors you didn't know or at least hold you accountable to those dreams. Letting what is bouncing around your brain out can help you to verbally set intentions with those around you. 

Thank you so much for reading! Do you have any ways you set intention in your life? I would love to hear. 

You are loved, 





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