Meet the Owner: 10 Facts About Me

Meet the Owner: 10 Facts About Me

By Emily Pearl

Meet the Owner: 10 Facts About Me

Hi! My name is Emily Pearl and I am the owner of Grace and Pearl. Well actually the nature of a small business means as well as the owner, I am the accountant, social-media manager, designer, processor of orders, and many other things! I love creating and building a business and I am so happy you are here! 

I wanted to do this blog post about who I am and decided it would be most fun in a fact list form! 

1. I am a senior at the University of Michigan! Go Blue! 

2. I am a twin to an industrial engineer and I am convinced she got most of the left brain! 

3. My favorite art forms are painting, tapestry making, and digital art, but I am always down to try new forms of art! 

4. I am getting married to the love of my life in exactly a year from when this post goes up (June 4)! So exciting! 

5. I love cooking and baking and I hope to start sharing my favorite recipes soon! 

6. I am a crazy plant lady. My small college apartment is currently filled to the brim with plants and they bring me so much joy in my daily routine! If you ever need tips on what plants are most hard to kill, I am your girl! 

7. I have a passion for interior design and love thinking about how to make my space come together and bring the most positive energy to my life! 

8. My favorite book of the Bible is Romans. It changed how I thought about my faith, God, and my place in the world! I highly recommend digging deep into it! 

9. My favorite author is Bob Goff. His books bring me so much joy and I hope that you will check them out! 

10. Creating has been my passion from a young age. I am so excited to have a place to share my creations and I hope that they inspire you to be who God made you to be! 

Thanks for getting to know me! I would love to get to know you through Grace and Pearl social media platforms! Send me a message or comment on posts about what you love to do and be! 

You are Loved, 

Emily Pearl  


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