You Are Collection: Spread Love, Confidence, and Purpose

You Are Collection: Spread Love, Confidence, and Purpose

By Emily Pearl

You Are Collection: Spread Love, Confidence, and Purpose

Hello! My name is Emily and this is my company, Grace and Pearl. 

For my first blog post, I wanted to share the heart behind my first collection. But first, a little behind the scenes and the making of these products. In the future, I'll do a whole post on this brand and why it came to be with and the meaning behind the name.

This collection was close to a year in the making. I originally had several you are statements, nine in total, that I want to include somewhere in the collection or just needed to narrow down. I loved statements like you are known or you are chosen, but ultimately landed on three statements that were the closest to my heart and that I thought would inspire and pursue people the most. 

Thus "You Are Loved", "You Are Already Enough", and "You Are Stronger Than You Know" came to be! These statements have inspired me and make me feel the love of God and I hope they do to you too! 

"You Are Loved". This statement means a lot to me and can take on different meanings. First and most obvious, you are loved completely by God. He knows every part of who you are and who you will be. God knew you before you were born and he chose you. You are loved by an almighty creator! How cool is that! Second, I wanted people to be reminded that even when it feels like it is not true, there are always people who love you. There's always someone who thinks you are special and if you don't feel that from the people in your life, think about the ways people may be showing love to you that may not be as explicit as I love you! You are loved and known by so many people. Third (and probably the silliest), you are loved by me, the creator of this brand. I always want Grace and Pearl to be a community and an experience where you feel loved and understood as a consumer. My direct messages are always open for prayer requests and talking about anything. I love everyone who joins this community and I want to treat you all like my besties! 

"You Are Already Enough". This statement is so important. Throughout most of my life, I have strived to be something I am not. I have fell victim to changing myself to fit the newest trends, the cool crowd, and just trying to be what I thought people wanted to be. Even worse, I thought I needed to change for God to love me. Although I still struggle with it, I have learned that the truth of the matter is that I am enough the way I am. God created me with specific challenges and hardships, but those challenges are what make my testimony beautiful and what I can use to help others. Through my struggles, I've been pushed on to who God is and he is amazing, beautiful, and healing. I hope that you are reminded through this saying that you are beautiful, wonderful, intelligent, and any other attribute you strive for already. You are absolutely already enough. 

"You Are Stronger Than You Know". This statement came to me after I had a problem with my original design I really wanted to have and had to make a new one last minute. Although a minor bump in the road, it felt huge to me. It was my first mistake and problem I had as a business owner and it made me feel unfit for what I was doing. I was reminded of every difficult challenge I'd been through and I realized that I have always made it through and it was always thanks to God. I hope this shirt reminds you of every heartbreak you've conquered, everything you are still working through, every moment you've felt so broken that you could not possibly go on. But look where you are now! You are so strong. I hope that whatever you go through you remember that there is the strength of the almighty creator within you. He is the strongest most amazing force in the universe and with him on your side anything is possible. 

Friends, thank you for coming along on this journey with me. I am so absolutely excited to build a brand, a life, and a community through this endeavor. The support I received on a daily basis fills my soul with gratitude. I hope you enjoyed learning about the collection and that it inspires your soul to be who God created you to be. I hope this collection can spread love, confidence, and purpose to those around you. 

You are so loved and completely worthy!

Thanks for reading my rambling, 

Emily Pearl


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